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UV Disinfection System

UV-C based air disinfection system

The UV-C Disinfection System is designed to be fitted in New and Existing Installations, where it effectively inactivates any Bacteria and Viruses present in the Air. UV-C Light emits light with high energy protons which inactivates Bacteria & Viruses.


  • Effectivity of > 99.9%.
  • Intensities calibrated to inactivate COVID-19.
  • Mercury or Amalgam Lamps as per application requirements.
  • Can handle large air volume intake from 4000 to 10000 CFM
  • Customised UV Intensity, Design, Settings etc to suit application requirements.
  • UV-C Leakproof and Robust Design.
  • Life of > 8000 Hrs.


  • HVAC Units for Large spaces like Buildings, Malls, Auditoriums etc.
  • HVAC Units for moving spaces like Buses, Trains, Transport Vehicles etc.
  • Air Circulating System for confined spaces like Elevators, Toilets, Places which do not have HVAC provision.
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